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We are a creative production company with more than 18 years of experience, specialized in the organization of brand events and content generation. Our company defines itself as a 360º company specialized in production, design and strategic communication. Based in Madrid and Barcelona, Komodo was born with the aim of creating unique and high-profile media experiences.

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Komodo´s team is made up of three big departments: Production, Design and Strategic Communication. All of them highly-talented, creative professionals with the drive and enthusiasm required to success. Qualities shown in all of our projects, as creativity is the most valuable asset of our company.


We are more than 60 people with a solid background in the field of production, design and strategic communication, capable of building creative and innovative strategies, designing unique spaces and executing the entire experience and always hand in hand with our clients.
In addition, we have as many professionals who work in our own production workshops throughout the country. This staffing model allow us to keep costs down for our clients and take care of every detail of each of our productions.