“Ideas must always be at the service of the public to which they are addressed, even a head of the client, and if this is not the case, I believe they are meaningless”

  • Why was Komodo born?

It was born as a response to an emerging market that was growing fast, and because of the interest and desire to do things differently and with joy.

  • If you had to define Komodo in 2 words, what would they be?

Dedication and teamwork…

  • What does it mean to be a creative director? What exactly is your job?

Buff… I think it consists of channelling the work of the whole team trying to be as effective as possible, helping to be the best creative version of ourselves, and trying not to restrict anyone’s ideas in a destructive way. I think success is surrounding yourself with good people…

  • How would you say design has evolved at Komodo?

From freehand to illustrator… But I won’t tell you more, the older ones will understand me…

  • Could you briefly describe us what are the keys to become a good creative?

A good educational base is essential, (which also has to be constantly updated). A good creative is attentive, alert, receptive and opened with the super ability to see ahead of the rest. And finally to honor the artisan and the artist in the same way.

  • What do you value before “throwing away” an idea?

All ideas are valid, but they depend on their context and what they are conceived for. There may be great ideas that never see the light because they are not what was expected of them. Ideas must always be at the service of the public they are aimed at, even ahead of the client, and if this is not the case, I think they are meaningless.

  • Where do you find inspiration?

Nowadays, anywhere! Now access to information is global, direct, fast and it’s very easy to copy, I mean, inspire you in any medium.

  • Any advice for future creatives?

Cheer up, kids… the sweat of the worker is sweet!

  • Looking ahead, where do you see Komodo in 10 years?

I hope, on a beach in Cadiz if possible, and if not with La Manga I’ll settle for…

  • If you had to complete this interview, what question would you like to ask yourself?

Does the original recipe for gazpacho contain garlic or onion?

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